Bathroom brands need to improve the fit between products and consumers
Generally speaking, there is a saying in the service industry that "customers are God", and customers are the parents of a company's food and clothing. With the continuous development of the economy and the gradual deepening of the market economy, the competition in the market has beco......
Consumer voice: We want such bathroom products
The formation of a market depends on the relationship between buyers and sellers. By exchanging goods of equal value and value in use, the seller receives value, which is money. The seller receives the value of use, which is the product. In this mutually beneficial and win-win exchange activity, a m......
Precautions for installation of sanitary ware hardware
Precautions for installation of sanitary ware hardware:Laying wall tiles - suspended ceiling - laying floor tiles - installing toilets, washbasins, bathtubs - installing and connecting drainage pipes - installing lamps, sockets, mirrors - installing towel bars and other hardware accessories.1. Durin......
Analysis on the development trend of sanitary ware in the future energy conservation and environmental protection will never change
The rational development of the sanitary ware market is the foundation of the development of the sanitary ware industry. Now the fierce competition in the sanitary ware market not only makes the sanitary ware industry reshuffle or clear the brand, but also makes a significant change in consumer psyc......
Analysis on development trend of sanitary ware industry
1. Furniture of sanitary productsThe previous bathroom products have always been function oriented but relatively boring. Now, in order to meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers have begun to design and develop new bathroom products that are beautiful and can play a role in decorating the room t......
On the importance of bathroom enterprise design
      With the upgrading of consumption, people's living requirements have been improved qualitatively, and they no longer pay blind attention to price. New products and fashionable design have become their consumption points. Under this trend, personalized and customized consumpt......
Hardware pendant of furniture hardware accessories maintenance skills
The surface of sanitary products is exposed to hot and humid environment for a long time, with strong acidity and alkalinity. At the same time, the most contact with it in the process of use is the sweat discharged by the human body, and the sweat is weakly alkaline. Even if the product with excelle......
Shanghai Kitchen & Sanitary Exhibition May 26-19, 2021
Shanghai Kitchen & Sanitary Exhibition May 27-30, 2019
ISH Frankfurt, Germany, March 11, 2019
Bathroom design style is a global trend
Now, in the bathroom product design, designers to consider factors is different, for example, recently popular what home style, foreign consumers Pro gaze to which types of bathroom products, the choice of materials and style to how fusion and so on, with the strengthening of the trend of globalizat......
March 13 - 16, 2018 Milan International Sanitary Equipment Expo, Italy (MCE)
Modern sanitary ware market Simple fashion into the mainstream
Bathroom design to lead the fashionWith 80 leading consumer groups to the pursuit of quality of life led to the rise of customized unrest, bathroom space and product from size to material and color to the character pattern, storage unit, accessories accessories, users have on their bathroom absolute......
Do you know the danger of overnight water in the tap?
“For most people, the first thing after getting up in the morning, often open the tap to wash your face,brush your teeth, boil water. As everyone knows, just let out the water may hide a "health killers". "Do not u......
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