Precautions for installation of sanitary ware hardware
  • Date:2022-12-13
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Precautions for installation of sanitary ware hardware:
Laying wall tiles - suspended ceiling - laying floor tiles - installing toilets, washbasins, bathtubs - installing and connecting drainage pipes - installing lamps, sockets, mirrors - installing towel bars and other hardware accessories.
1. During installation, the position of water pipes and wires shall be determined according to the waterway and circuit diagram, and the water pipes and wires must be avoided to avoid breaking the water pipes and wires.
2. When installing on the surface of ceramic tiles, first use glass drill to break through the ceramic tiles, or use steel nails and hammers to gently knock open the ceramic tiles to break through them, and then use electric hammers to empty them to avoid breaking the ceramic tiles.
3. Tools shall not directly contact hardware during installation, and shall be wrapped with clean soft cloth before tightening.
4. All faucets or mixers shall be equipped with stainless steel covers as far as possible.
5. Before installing shower room and bathtub, determine whether to reserve power supply.
6. When installing the toilet, it is not allowed to fill the bottom with cement to prevent the toilet from cracking. The matching mortar should be used, and then glass glue should be applied on the periphery.
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