Modern sanitary ware market Simple fashion into the mainstream
  • Date:2018-01-19
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Bathroom design to lead the fashion
With 80 leading consumer groups to the pursuit of quality of life led to the rise of customized unrest, bathroom space and product from size to material and color to the character pattern, storage unit, accessories accessories, users have on their bathroom absolute control. While providing customized business, the competition in the fierce competition in the bathroom market has found a piece of blue ocean.
In the past, sanitary products used to be defined as durable goods, its value is only "practical"; now, the bathroom has been defined as Home Furnishing activities, it is important to label Home Furnishing life, reflects the owner's attitude towards life and aesthetic sentiment. Sanitary products "Neiwaijianxiu", reflected in the continuous improvement of the function at the same time, has also stepped up the pace to catch up with the trend. In the context of the coexistence of utility and aesthetics, Chinese residents have also become a landscape line between the bathroom.
Simple fashion style to sing the mainstream
Since the date of the birth of the bathroom, minimalist style will occupy a place in the product design. Although in recent years, the rise of retro style, pastoral style, such as the rise of a variety of design styles, but also did not shake the dominance of simple fashion style.
When too many functions and decorated the chicken ribs, consumers of bathroom design also had a complex feeling of fatigue. Get rid of the elements and flashy without substance carving, line is simple and there is no lack of meaningful fashion charm, bathroom design function, structure, design has become mainstream China just perfect family choice.
In recent years, after 80, 90, the rise of consumer power for the bathroom consumption into an open gene. Bathroom products in the use of the color of the use of a farewell to the past conservative single white, in order to represent the small fresh candy color into the bathroom, bathroom world become colorful. Despite the safety and environmental protection will be the proposition to talk about the quality of life. When the bathroom and the quality of life is linked, the safety index and the green index is an important measure of the living standard of sanitary ware.
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