Do you know the danger of overnight water in the tap?
  • Date:2018-01-10
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“For most people, the first thing after getting up in the morning, often open the tap to wash your face,brush your teeth, boil water. As everyone knows, just let out the water may hide a "health killers".

"Do not use the best retention in the tap 'overnight water', every morning to open the tap, you can first empty for a while, the water used to flush the toilet, mopping the floor etc.. In addition, a connecting hose, a valve core tube in the small accessories, but also relates to the safety of drinking water, must select the qualified products." County Water Group Center laboratory director Chai Chunyan told reporters, "when we take the pipe network water sampling, also provide for the first 5 minutes and then sampling, because the retention in the pipes in a night of 'dead', it is not representative of the water pipe network. The city some of the pipes are long service life, the degree of oxidation of lead content in deep, which is a bit high, we regularly doing water pipe maintenanceand transformation at the same time, will also remind residents not to drink water retention in the'overnight in water& #39;.< br />  

Originally, faucet and pipe stop overnight in tap water is static, the water and the metal tube and the water tap metal chamber will produce the hydration reaction, the formation of metal contaminated water, and water in the residual microbial will breed, containing a large number of harmful substances in the water, may also be a hidden threat to human health an acute respiratory infection of Legionella--. If you are using inferior faucet, "overnight water" lead content will exceed the standard seriously.

So, how many people know the harm of "overnight water", will develop "go first and then used" habit?The reporter interviewed a random different age levels of the public, the survey found that, most of the people are directly used, simply do not know the harm of overnight water, especially senior citizens, think water is wasted off too wasted. In contrast, the home has children of young mothers in this regard is paid special attention to. For example, Ms. Xu 10 years ago from the media that,overnight water lead content is too high, may damage the nerve, blood and the reproductive system,more dangerous to children, will affect its growth and mental development, from then on, she developed the habit of releasing "overnight water".

The reporters also found in the survey, although some people have no "used" after release, but to family health, the installation of the water purifier. Home Feng Zeyuan Mr. Wang said, his wife is a doctor, usually contact long stones patients too much, the original home decoration, her first proposal is to install a water purifier, said water purifier boiled Steamed Rice, cooking, eating just rest assured.

The reporters also conducted a survey of our county, the water purifier market in recent years, aspeople pay more attention to the safety of drinking water and water purifier, whether sales or style,are rising and rich. According to the water quality of different, can be divided into pure water, pure water; according to different functions, the machine has a water purifier, water purifier; according to the different role, is divided into the kitchen clean water machine, straight drink machine, soft water machine, pipeline machine, central water purifier, many types of people see things in a blur. Effect ofdescaling sterilization, in addition to lead in addition to silver ions, softening antiscale, removing sandin addition to flavor...... According to the different demand, brand and type selection are also different. But attention is required, regardless of the choice of water treatment products, all need to water purification components are changed regularly, otherwise it may bring two pollution.

If your home is not installed in the water purifier, also really don't have to worry about the safety ofwater quality, because of my county water strict implementation of the new GB 106 water quality inspection promulgated in 2012, the national standard of water quality is better than that, in theory,have reached the standards can be directly consumed. But at present, even if the water reached the standard requirements, due to pipe network aging, two water supply facilities are not norms may still cause influence on water users, therefore, to develop a "very important to put after used" habit.

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